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Black Seed

Premium Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil Products

Hab Shifa is well known for the quality of our Black Seed Oil products, which are sold throughout Australia. All our products are TGA approved, the seeds are sourced directly from farms in India (GMO free) and the extraction and packaging processes are overseen by Hab Shifa.

All our products are manufactured in Australia to strict Australian Standards and we are the first company to release a range of Black Seed Oil products into the Australian market. As an Australian owned and operated business, Hab Shifa are very proud of our premium products.

Why choose Hab Shifa products?

  • We are Australia’s first company to introduce a range of Black Seed products to the global marketplace.
  • All our products are manufactured in Australia.
  • Hab Shifa is an Australian owned and operated company.
  • We routinely visit our Black Seed farms in India to oversee the growing period.
  • Our Black Seeds are GMO free and organically grown using sustainable practices.
  • We ensure the highset standards during the manufacturing and packaging processes.
  • Hab Shifa uses the best cold press extraction methods to create our Black Seed Oil (no chemicals or solvents).
  • Our range of Black Seed Oil products are TGA-listed.
  • Hab Shifa premium Manuka Honey is produced from Australian native bees.
  • Our honey is pure and organic with no additives or preservatives.
  • Our products are available in over 3000 stockists across Australia – including major health food stores and pharmacies.
  • Our products are also exported to the United States, Malaysia, Europe and the Middle East.