Black Seed Oil


1. What Are The Benefits Of Black Seed Oil?

Black Seed oil has numerous health benefits and can assist with improved immunity, better digestion/gut health, healthier skin/hair and better-regulated blood-sugar levels. The seeds and their various extracts are rich in antioxidants, known to have a broad range of healing properties for the human body. Black Seed oil is also great for weight loss, these supplements can help to reduce the body mass index (BMI) effectively targeting obesity levels. 

The combined effects of using Black Seed oil on a long term basis lead to improved general longevity .

2. How much Black Seed oil should I take daily?

Health experts recommend that you take Black Seed oil once a day to obtain its range of benefits. For asthma and respiratory conditions, a daily 1mg dose of Black Seed oil capsules can show positive results within 4 a month period if used on their own. For weight loss, 2-3 daily grams proves most effective and will help improve general blood sugar levels as well as assist with control of your BMI.

When taking Hab Shifa’s 100% pure organic Black Seed oil, it is recommended that you do it on an empty stomach with a bit of honey for maximum effect but they can also be taken with and after meals, however you best see fit. The ideal dosage of Black Seed oil is always going to be whatever’s suggested by your doctor, always be sure to consult your GP first for their professional recommendation.

3. Does Black Seed oil help you lose weight?

Black Cumin seeds, corresponding Black Seed oil and its other extracts are very effective at improving weight loss. Its broad-action effect includes regulating glucose levels in the blood, improving fat burning in the liver through increased bile production and reducing inflammation which is known to increase the risk of weight gain. 

Combined together, these and other effects of Black Seed oil help to stop and can reverse weight gain in men, women and even children when taken regularly.

4. What else can Black Cumin seed oil be good for?

While Black Cumin seed oil is known for its numerous health benefits, ancient societies used it for much more than that. It also shows various therapeutic and cosmetic benefits, namely towards skin, skin tone and the management of skin conditions.

5. How do you use black cumin seed oil?

Black Seed oil is available in many forms including capsules or a basic, pure oil extract. Black Seed oil can be taken directly and raw, in beverages and food, or mixed with a little honey for palatability. For cosmetic uses, Black Seed oil can be applied topically on areas affected with ailments. 

With a little creativity, you can use Black Cumin seed oil in baking, cooking, through the creation of fragrant sprays, shampoos and your own homemade skincare products.

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