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For 102 year old Charles, it was the gift that just kept giving...

102-year-old World War veteran Charles and his wife Celine were desperate. Charles’s health was declining fast and there didn’t seem to be anything or anyone that could help. Their search for answers led them to black seed oil, and the difference it made was beyond belief.

The Black Seed Oil Experience

Charles and his wife Celine were frightened as his health declined rapidly. Losing hope, Celine started looking for alternative remedies that might bring her husband back to her. After a lot of research, she learned about the multiple health benefits that black seed oil had to offer and convinced Charles to try it. Trusting her choice proved to be the best decision he could have made.

Charles started taking 2 black seed oil tablets 3 times a day. To their surprise and delight, Charles noticed a drastic improvement with every capsule. Charles isn’t the only one. Customers that have taken Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil capsules are so convicted of have experienced a vast improvement in their health by taking Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil and Capsules

What our customers say

I have suffered from restless legs the past two years I began taking these products and within a week my restless legs disappeared. I have been able to finally sleep through the night without waking up in pain. I think these tablets are amazing and will definitely be buying them now. I have more energy and my life is so much better for trying this product.

Sarah, Vic

I received the oil and capsules. I found the capsules easy to take. I used the oil topically for my scalp. I’m impressed with this range would like to continue take the capsules to see long term health benefits. Will be trying the oil for my skin.

Linda, NSW

Love love love the JointQ.. as a long time anti inflammatory taker these tablets seem to hit the mark. The oil left a bit of an aftertaste but worked well when mixed into my smoothie or morning juice

Andrina, NSW

I love Turmeric and the benefits of it so I really loved the addition with the glucosamine and nigella seed and what these did for me for my pain. The Nigella seed liquid did not taste very well so I mixed it in my smoothie every morning.

Andrea, QLD

Loved the tablets. They were great at helping reduce pain in my knee and also the swelling in my knee. I’ll be buying them again. I wasn’t impressed with liquid oil. I didn’t like the taste it left in my mouth.

Bronwyn, QLD

This was easy to take, no problems with my current medication and I saw a decrease in my blood pressure as I check it often because of my high blood pressure. Thanks for the great product to try, will definitely keep taking this.

Darryl, VIC

An Ancient Remedy Backed by Science

Traditional cultures have been using nutrient-packed Black Seed as the go-to immunity supplement for thousands of years. Despite its infamous historical use, advocates of the Black Seed have been convicted of its potency, but have always had a hard time explaining why. Till now.
Modern science has found that not only does Black Seed Oil contain over 100 naturally-occurring constituents that work in unique synergy to assist our health and immunity, but the Black Seed of the Nigella Sativa plant also contains a unique and potent compound called Thymoquinone (TQ). With astounding antioxidant capacity (over 3x more than Goji Berries), TQ is only found in the Black seed, which has made the Black Seed a focal point of interest for researchers and medical professionals who have truly shone a spotlight on the potential that Black Seed has for a vast range of chronic health conditions.
Studies show that when ingested or used on the skin, Black seed oil has been shown to:
  • Increase the immune response to fight off infections, viruses, and bacteria
  • Treat colds and flus with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties
  • Reduce the allergic response in people with asthma and allergies
  • Help maintain healthy blood glucose levels
  • Reduce the symptoms of indigestion
  • Be helpful in the management of metabolic syndrome
  • Improve cardiovascular health by reducing blood pressure
  • Help maintain healthy hair and skin and benefit conditions like eczema

Hab Shifa’s Mission

Hab Shifa’s Mission

Hab Shifa was created in 2010 and was the first provider of black seed oil in Australia to introduce their products to the global marketplace. Hab Shifa wants to empower everyone to live a vibrant, healthy, and positive life through organic, natural nutrition.
We combine the most compelling medical research about the benefits of the nigella sativa seed as well as the latest manufacturing technologies to provide safe, effective, and natural products.

TQ Rich

Our products are rich in TQ- the rare and unique compound that gives black seed oil its potency. But, too much TQ may not be a good thing. Thats why the Hab Shifa product range contains TQ at optimal levels and only within the safe and science-supported range, giving you the peace of mind that our Black Seed Oil will work with your body to build up an effective immune response.

Certified Organic Black Seed

We personally source our ingredients from small-hold farms and oversee every step of the process to ensure that our products are formulated from the purest certified organic black seed possible.

Australian Owned and Made

Our high-quality products are manufactured to Australian standards. We use proprietary cold-press technology to extract high amounts of bioavailable TQ without the use of heat or chemicals for more potent and safer effects.



TGA Registered

Hab Shifa’s black seed oil is currently Black seed oil to listed with the authorities the only one in the world in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (TGA). TGA registered products are thoroughly tested throughout all stages of the manufacturing process and any medical claims about these products must meet rigorous guidelines.